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Vehicle components


-3400012 auto 324 jpg
-2905003-03 auto 324 jpg
-g auto 324 jpg
-1307007-10 auto 324 jpg
m-1011009-02 auto 324 jpg
-1139010-01 auto 324 jpg
-3708000 auto 324 jpg
-1106010-21 auto 324 jpg
k178 21083- k178v 2108- k178t 21081-1107010 auto 324 jpg

The company specializes in manufacturing of components and spare parts for key vehicle systems – fuel injection, power, cooling, heating, greases, ignition and chassis systems.

Products and services

The company manufactures and sells the following products:

  • Power system components

    Fuel lines, mass air flow sensors, electric fuel pumps, carburetors, oxygen sensors, fuel level sensors, fuel pumps.

  • Cooling system components

    Cooling system pumps, thermostats and thermopiles, aluminum cooling radiators, fan inclusion sensor, coolant temperature sensor.

  • Heating system components

    Aluminum heating radiators, heating fans, heater’s electric pumps, ceramic heater valves.

  • Grease system components

    Oil pumps, emergency oil pressure sensors, oil pressure sensors.

  • Electrical and ignition system components

    Engine starters, generators, ignition system, spark plugs, brake sensors, turn relays, speed sensors, phase sensors, ignition spreading and others.

  • Chassis components

    Shock absorbers, clutch cylinders, brake disks, brake chambers и drum brakes


  • Street: 5, litera.Z, Samoylovoy st
  • Postcode: 192102
  • City: St. Petersburg
  • Country: Russian Federation





Key figures

Established: 1999

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