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The trade mark Jossan Jewelry belongs to the St. Petersburg Jewelry Factory Geya ltd. The company was founded in 1999 and at the moment Geya is one of the largest suppliers of jewelry products on Russian, Belorussian and Kazakh markets. The company creates jewelry using caoutchouc inserts, natural and artificial stones and pearls. Also in production are used gold 585 carats fine and silver 925 carats fine. For the moment company implements jewelry prototyping, i.e. creates exact models of jewelry on the computers and on a 3D printers. This allows to get the most accurate and visually adequate model of the future product in a short time. Besides, jewelry masters in Geya cover products with enamels and implement rhodanizing, which provide durability of the jewelry products.

Products and services

The company designs and manufactures the following products:

  • Rings

  • Earrings

  • Pendants


  • Street: 26 Chimikov Str.,
  • Postcode: 197342
  • City: St. Petersburg
  • Country: Russian Federation



Geya ltd

Key figures

Established: 1999
Number of employees: less than 50

Area of Operations

Fashion & Craft, Jewelry

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