Biosurf - Made in St.Petersburg


Surfactant-BL - Natural drug product obtained from lungs of bovine cattle.


Basically, Company profile lays in new drugs development and their manufacturing. The Company regular staff is comprised of employees of medical biotechnology department of the Central research x-ray and radiology institution of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation: biotechnologists, pharmacologists, pharmacists, biochemists, physiologists, morphologists and process engineers who have wide experience of work in the field of liposomal and emulsion drugs development and manufacturing.

Products and services

The company manufacturers: pulmonary surfactant drug - Surfactant-BL.
In 2004 the drug has been re-registered under the name of Surfactant-BL. After completion of preclinical and clinical studies the Surfactant-BL drug was approved for RDS treatment of newborns (the Order of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation №269, 14.01.2000) and for RDS treatment of adults (Protocol №1 of Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 06.02.2003).
Cost of a course dose of Surfactant-BL for the treatment of respiratory distress-syndrome of newborns is 2,5 times lower than that of imported drugs.


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  • Postcode: 197758
  • City: St. Petersburg
  • Country: Russian Federation


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Key figures

Established: 1999
Number of employees: 23


Area of Operations

Pharmaceutical products

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