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Pharmaceutical products


The history of VAM Group of Companies extends back to over 15 years. Judging from the age, the challenges facing the company at starting seemed infeasible even for the major pharmaceutical concerns.
However, the Company could succeed in putting together a team of like-minded employees that allowed creating of a technological platform on a scientific basis for the development of next generation drugs with prescribed properties that enhance the natural protecting forces of the organism.This is confirmed by development of both already registered drug products and drug candidates at different stages of trials.
One of the principal emphasis of the VAM Group of Companies’ work is the potential to regulate the internal protective systems of the organism.

Products and services

The PharmaVAM Company manufactures

  • Glutoxim, which is the antibacterial agent with an indirect antiinfectional action (administered for the tuberculosis therapy and other diseases)

  • Molixan, possessing the antiviral activity (administered for the hepatitis therapy).


  • Street: 17 Pskovskaya st.
  • Postcode: 190121
  • City: St. Petersburg
  • Country: Russian Federation


  • Telephone: +7(812)714-1010
  • Fax: +7(812)495-1433
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Key figures

Established: 1994
Number of employees: 60


Area of Operations

Pharmaceutical products

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